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About Me

I am a Wellness Advocate

My name is Emelle. I am a healthcare worker by day and a consultant by night. I have over 35 years’ experience working in healthcare with both humans and animals. My background in healthcare has opened my eyes to modern medicine bumps.

Why I started this website

I believe in mindfulness as an integral part of life, a tenet I live out through my interests in callenetics, tap dancing, reading, engaging with my two canine friends and my 3 birds as well as mindfulness coloring and meditation. (wow that seems like a big list)

I have started this website to educate like minded souls and anyone else who wants to learn.

I love educating and learning. I have found that we as people are often misinformed and ready to believe what we are told by a medical professional – because after all, they are the professionals. Remember: A doctor is PRACTICING medicine. After many years of following only conventional medical approaches for my own health issues, without getting the results I was seeking, I discovered a better way for me. It consisted of a blended path with conventional and holistic working together to help me achieve the healthiest body/cells I can have, with the least side effects. So just as physicians are practicing medicine, I practice preventative medicine.

My Belief

I believe that a lot of people come into the health world looking for a single answer to solve everything they’re battling with. We wait until we have an issue and then react, instead of being proactive in preventing one in the first place.

I believe our bodies were created to be able to have their own healing power (to a point) if we live a fairly healthy lifestyle and ensure our cells are nourished properly.

What Am I Apposed Too?

I am opposed to the dishonesty (through omission) of suppliers. The non-truth of labels, the fine print, the parts we don’t know until something affects us, the things we aren’t told until it’s too late.

Example: the watering down of our detergents but charging the same price to the consumer so as to make a profit. I think it’s criminal that the government must put regulations on how much a product can be diluted to control this

Example: Medications – trade names vs. generic…., who knew that the generic drugs only test a few of their ingredients in each batch whereas the trade drug company tests every ingredient in every lot – hence the difference in price.

Example: This will be a great help to you – oh but I forgot to tell you that this contributes to cancer. (oops an oversight)

What Can I Do For Your?

I can teach you ways that you can take charge of your own health.

I am committed to helping you create a healthier, happier life.

If you would like to learn more, you can email at to connect.

Mission Statement

Everything I do will help you live your best life.