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I was beginning to have a few health issues...mostly annoyances

First was my ability to hold my urine was becoming increasingly difficult. I would have this sense of urgency and have to go right now. I went to the doctor and he gave me a medication to help aid with this. I didn't want to take the medication because I know from past experiences with medications that they tend to solve one problem while creating problems in another area so I chose to go off the medication. I randomly ran into a friend of mine who suggested that I try a natural supplement. I started with this supplement, not using it daily as suggested but using it when I felt I needed it. I must say, I'm most impressed. It has helped my urgency problem better than I could of hoped for. Because of the success I had with this, I also decided that maybe I should take Vitamin D and an Omega as the health and news people talk about that often. Because I am very aware that not all things are equal I opted to purchase quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements and so far I have not looked back.
Stephen Neufeld
Duncan, B.C.

It had come to the point where I was in and out of the hospital

It had come to the point where I was in and out of the hospital getting stents put in and having surgery to remove the stones. My doctor told me I was a stone forming person. Upon recommendation from a friend, I spoke with a woman who specialized in pharmaceutical grade supplements. I met with her and I definitely didn't want to follow her advice. She was telling me the opposite of what the doctor was saying ....the doctor said stay away from calcium as I was forming calcium oxalate stones. She told me to try her multi vitamins and anti oxidants as well as vitamin D. I did not want to as they contained some calcium. She showed me studies that had been done at the Mayo Clinic where it showed that people that were low in calcium were actually the people who formed stones. She then said what did i have to lose? Worse case, I would form more stones and have another surgery. She felt that if our cells were given the proper nutrients they could stay in better repair and avoid some of these health issues. I agreed. Well, to my amazement, I have not formed any stones now for three years...I am a believer.
Leann Wilson
Lethbridge, Alberta

I am a big believer in keeping the planet green

People would tell me that it costs so much to use environmentally friendly products but it was something I truly believed in. I was invited to an online event from a co-worker. I attended to support her. This company had exactly what I had been looking for at an affordable price. I believe that Mother Nature gives us life and is the source that sustains us so it is very important to keep mother nature clean. This particular company offered me clean, safe products that didn't even need child proof caps as well as a big money savings. I have been using their cleaning products and food products for the past 10 years and I must say I love them. They are delivered right to my door and I have saved myself thousands of dollars by just not having to go the supermarket as much. I am one of those shoppers who sees many other things, I don't necessarily need at the store but I buy them on impulse, thinking i will use them. Sometimes i do, often i don't. All I did was change my store and I love it
Jennifer Byer
Edmonton, Alberta

At 48 years old I was becoming a cripple due to accidents I had, had when I was younger.

In the mornings I could barely move. It was a chore to get out of bed and I could not bend down to tie my shoes until much later in the day after I had moved around for a while. My girlfriend suggested, when she saw that. , that I talk to a co-worker of hers about supplementation. I am totally against taking anything so my initial response was NO. My girlfriend did some talking and negotiating and I finally agreed. Within a few weeks of taking the recommended supplements, I could actually get up without being in pain and bend down and tie my shoes. I was sold. I now have increased my supplementation in hopes of being able to live a life free of pain and suffering. All supplements are not equal, I did try cheaper versions from big box stores and the results were not there. My health is worth it to me.
Greg Thorn
Ottawa, Ontario

For years my blood work had shown my iron low

Upon talking to a family member and mentioning this, she felt that was not right and we should look at why it is like that. She suggested a pharmaceutical grade supplement for me. I was very skeptical but as she pointed out, what did i have to lose? Money back guarantee, so why not. I went on the recommended supplement and low and behold 3 months later my blood work was absolutely perfect. My doctor was totally amazed. I also had a few other health issues and was having trouble with the medications being able to control them. I became very sick and this same family member suggested that maybe I should try some more of the products she would recommend. I hesitated, but then decided why not. She suggested that I go onto a probiotic and an Omega to help with the irritable bowel and Vitamin D since it is one of the MOST important vitamins everyone needs. I followed her advice and knock on wood, my bowel has been well controlled.
Kim Biggs
Calgary, Alberta
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